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Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Session Now with Dynamic Therapy & Massage (DTM)

• We focus on the mind body connection. This means focusing on how the brain communicates and operates the body, particularly the recruitment of additional muscles required to maintain movement, something which can cause muscle tension and imbalances.

• We focus on re-educating the body concerning poor gait movement and patterns which have been occurring for years, causing accumulation of pain and discomfort.

• We go beyond the localized pain site to neutralize the underlying issue, to change movement imbalances rather than simply address a soft tissue issue.

• Every DTM session is customized to address each client’s unique physical needs and goals, providing continual benefit to bodies of all types, conditions, and ages as they change over time. We help athletes (people) at all stages too, from getting your inner athlete moving again after layoff or injury to priming to perform your best on competition day!

Dynamic Therapy & Massage is not a Physical Therapy clinic, DTM is not your average massage clinic or spa. It is dynamic therapy. We work with the body’s natural movement to re-educate the way the body is supposed to move which increases physical function and capability while reducing pain.


Dynamic Therapy

Our Dynamic Therapy is designed to help you improve your speed, muscle strength, and endurance in training and during competition. The Dynamic Therapy can also help to optimize muscle recruitment, re-educate poor movement patterns that can cause muscle fatigue.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Our Deep Tissue Sports Massage can help you recover from post event or get you primed to compete.

Full Body Massage

Our Full Body Massage program will help relax your muscles pre event or from a stress full day.