Our Services

Improved Performance

Corrective movement patterns can help you improve you range of motion (ROM) vital to your active, fit and healthy lifestyle.  DTM offers Dynamic Stretching, Active Release Stretching to help you improve your posture and balance.

Pre-Hab and Pain Management

DTM has advanced therapies such as: Preventative Rehab (Pre-Hab), Neural Reset Therapy (NRT), Scar Release Therapy (SRT), Myofascial Release (MFR), Exercises and Training for Relief from Chronic Back Pain as well as Migraines and Headaches.

Sports Massage

DTM has expertise in Sports Massage. Deep Tissue Massage, Keniseo Taping featuring Rock Tape, Acu Cupping, Fire Cupping, Kineseo Cupping  and much more!

Rock Tape: Is used for corrective movement, correct posture, to help with range of motion and decreases muscle fatigue. Rock Tape also helps reduce edema and inflammation. Rock Tape increases circulation.

Rock Blades: Are amazing with soft tissue massage of the facia by releasing the restricted facia tissue will increase range of motion and decreases pain caused by pinch nerves within the facia.

Pre-Hab:  Preventative Rehab helps you get the proper strength, conditioning, form, and training needed to prevent injuries.

Neural Reset Therapy (NRT):  Helps relieve muscle pain, aches, and tightness in a shorter period of time than traditional massage methods and techniques. Learn more at: http://www.neuralreset.net/

Acu Cupping: Great for deep tissue release and to reduce swelling by increasing lymph and blood flow. 5 min of cupping is equivalent to 30 min of deep tissue. Kineso Cupping is great for deep tissue release while performing active range of motion.

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS): A device called a Dolphin Neurostim that uses a DC microcurrent to increase endorphins to lower pain. It is also to treat scar tissue known as Scar Release Therapy (SRT).

Dynamic Stretching: Through Dynamic Stretching we are strengthening both sides of the body equally to move as one unit. By alternating the reciprocal activity to create balance.

Deep Tissue: Deep tissue massage is great for relaxing and for therapeutic massage. It aids in releasing the deeper muscles to loosen up and to help reduce lactic acid build up in muscles.