About Us


Dynamic Therapy & Massage (DTM) was founded by Joe Stibolt. Who has dedicated to over 20 continue education courses and counting. Over the past ten years he has developed a dynamic sports massage. A manual & movement, and injury prevention therapy. While Joe has worked with semi-pro football players and other highly trained athletes (and still do), you don’t have to be an Olympic level athlete to benefit from his services. Joe‘s definition of an athlete is anyone who can move. Along with Joe‘s massage certification, Joeunderstands the whole body connection, to work with you to first discover and then begin addressing your acute or chronic pain and/or range of motion issues, as part of a preventive health sports massage regimen.

We were founded by Joe Stibolt

Joe has had a passion for sports performance training, correcting movement patterns, Dynamic and Active Release Stretching, Preventative Rehab (Pre-Hab), Neural Reset Therapy (NRT),  Scar Release Therapy (SRT) and Sports Massage with Deep Tissue release since early 2000’s. He has since been certified in a variety of techniques to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals.

Modern Training & Services

DTM stays on top of the latest services and tools available in training and massage today to help you achieve maximum results. These techniques include: Acu Cupping, Neural Reset Therapy,  Pre-Hab, Fire Cupping, Improving Range of motion through a variety of techniques and with close proximity access to our in-house fitness and training facility.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years we have developed a passion for helping our clients receive the results that matter most to them. Therefore, we adopted different techniques to help both athletes and non-athletes achieve their performance goals while significantly increasing their range of motion.

Increased Range of Motion 95%
Dynamic Movement and Stretching 95%
Acu Cupping, Fire Cupping and Kiniseo Tape 97%
Improving Strength Posture and Balance 95%